Writing A Winning Proposal

Thursday, November 19, 2015Willie Davis

Let’s say you own a pet grooming service and want to increase your clientele by 50% in the next year. Why are potential customers likely to use your service over a competitor’s? Is your business conveniently located? Do you offer competitive pricing or bundle deals? Have you built rapport with pet owners? Do you have a YELP page - if so, what are people saying about your services?

This type of selection process is quite similar to what governments go through in purchasing products and services. The one distinction is that unlike your private pet grooming business, the government uses tax payer dollars to pay for goods, products, and services and must exhibit impartiality and not favor one competitor over another.

Like your potential pet grooming buyer, the Federal, State, or Local government buyer is interested in five critical things:

• Do you understand their needs?
• Have you done this before?
• What are your qualifications?
• Who will actually do the work?
• What will it cost?

Thus, the typical government buyer will ask for some variation of these five factors in their search for the most appropriate vendor. Selecting the right vendor is a complex process which, in the case of Federal contracts, is governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). The FAR guides contracting offices in the options available for different types of contracts. Most aspects of the FAR were developed to promote fairness and consistency and, for the most part, are mirrored in State and Local contracting practices as well.

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